You know what I miss?

Mix tapes.

I think I am not alone in this but mix tapes were great and so was This Is My Jam and I miss that too, because I really liked listening to songs that people I like, like, and now nobody does that anymore. I even miss the way how on Myspace you could set a song to go on your page.

And you know you’ve hit hard, sad, times when you are reminiscing over the days of Myspace.

When we were younger, living in different places (before I was a child bride, even) we used to make each other MiniDiscs and send them in the post. I sat for hours, inputting the song names with the remote control, so they would show up when he played it. I’d settle for a personalised playlist now, I suppose.

4 books I want to write or thought about writing this week:

  • The one I am writing, which, slowly, slowly I am still trying to do. (It’s shit, I hate it, it’s awful, I’m wasting my time.)
  • “What the fuck am I going to do with my life?” A memoir where I try out all the careers I want to do and then at the end reach a conclusion.
  • A collection of short stories where it gets increasingly dark. As in, like, literal darkness, not ‘oh that’s so dark.’ Not sure WTF either and have no ideas for stories, just thought that having a theme might help.
  • A parenting book. I have nothing to say about parenting particularly, just thought that since I like having children and writing, maybe I would come up with some ideas?

Chris Gethard fantasy

I keep fantasising about talking to Chris Gethard on Beautiful Anonymous. So, basically, “I want to talk to someone about myself for an hour.” I mean, not enough to actually try to phone the podcast or find out HOW to phone the podcast, but a bit.

Which is kind of sad and probably means I need to find some friends or something.

BRB just going to make some friends.

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