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(Some of) my blog is behind a password.

There’s nothing here that I’m particularly protective of, no big secret or reason to hide, other than it feels a bit too exposed.

I wanted to say: I love writing this, indulging my narcissistic need to talk about myself on the internet, and love that a handful of people read it and comment – I have never written it for loads of people to read and I hope that those (3?) of you who do like to read will continue to do so.

Letting this overlap with my real world and putting my writing (self absorbed and full of shouty capital letters as it is) in the public domain, felt brave or confident or something.

BUT. I have felt increasingly self conscious about what I write here, aware that my children are getting older, and that it doesn’t take an internet sleuthing mastermind to get from my real life name to my blog (name, twitter, blog, I think it goes.) So it’s time. It feels a bit sad, like, what if that’s it? Nobody is ever going to read anything I write ever again. I’ve peaked. Peaked at three or four blog subscribers.

Password pros: I can spill my secrets, complain about people who don’t have the password, etc.etc.

Password cons: I probably won’t get sent any more free door knobs. Oh those happy door knob days.

If you’d like to read it, leave me a comment with your email (I have to approve comments and won’t publish any on this entry, so you don’t need to worry that your email address will be in the world or that people will know that you read my blog) and I will email you the password. Or send me a Tweet or, I don’t know, ask me when you see me. (I’ll probably let you.)